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SPCC Awards $15,000 in Grants to  School and Community Programs

South Pasadena, CA: The South Pasadena Chinese-American Club (“SPCC”) held its first annual Grant Award Ceremony on Monday, November 13 at 6:00pm in the South Pasadena Public Library Community Room.

(See more photos from the Award Ceremony by clicking here)

SPCC awarded funds to the following grantees and programs:

Sandra Matson-Fennell, Skills USA Advisor at SPHS for Skills US Careers Essential Online Curriculum

Maida Wong, South Pasadena Public Library for the Summer Tween Drama Camp

Bethany Chen, SPHS Math Club for participation in the Bay Math League Competition

Laurie Thackery, Monterey Hills Elementary for the Mineral Program

Helena Yee, SPHS for Frontline Ensemble Needs for the Marching Band

Benjamin Ku, SPHS for Equipment for the Chemistry Lab

Dawn Tull, Monterey Hills Elementary for the Rocks and Minerals Hands-On Science Program

Helena Yee, for the SPUSD Math Field Day 2018

Megan Dostal and Kathleen Michel, SPEF for Parti Gras Major Donor support

Dawn Bishop, Monterey Hills Elementary for access to IXL.com online Math Program for students

Rebecca Bertolina, SPMS for Culinary Science Class equipment

Melissa Cheng, SPHS for Chinese Martial Arts Project

Sara Austin, Council PTA for Translation at the Special Needs Conference

James Jontz, SPHS for Digital Scenery and Little Theater Projection

Allen Lin, Marengo Elementary for Mandarin Reading and Listening Center

Patrick Barr, SPHS for Event Video Camera Kit