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The intent of the South Pasadena Chinese Club (SPCC) grant system is to fund projects that contain educational and cultural content.   The decision rests with the SPCC Grant Committee insofar as acceptance or denial of the project is concerned.

SPCC’s mission includes contributing to our local schools, promoting cultural awareness and reaching out to the community at large.  SPCC is not liable for funding after the period specified in the proposal.  The Grant Committee may choose to fund part or the entire proposed project.

Criteria and evaluation

The following criteria will be used to evaluate whether a project will be funded.  It is not necessary to meet all three criteria; however projects which meet all criteria will be considered most relevant for funding pursuant to SPCC’s mission.

  • How will the project provide a service to the community?
  • How will the project enhance educational programs and benefit students?
  • How will the project highlight Chinese culture and language?

Who can submit

  • Persons affiliated with a local nonprofit organization
  • Members of the South Pasadena School District
  • Members of the South Pasadena Public Library

How are grants funded

After approval of the project by the Grant Committee, invoices or expense vouchers should be submitted to SPCC for disbursement of funds.  For school grants, SPCC will disburse funds to the appropriate party at SPCC’s discretion (individual staff member, organization, principal, the District).

Grant Process

All proposals should be submitted to spccgrants@gmail.com.  Proposals will be reviewed by the SPCC Grant Committee at monthly meetings and funds will be available until fully disbursed.  Each SPUSD elementary school has an annual grant budget of $1500, SPUSD Middle School $2000 and SPHS $3000.

Please download application form from here.